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Crockery & tea

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A wonderful cuppa tea!

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Wonderful tea

Join us on our journey and experience the magical world of tea. Discover the best and most wonderful tea species.
Wrapped nicely with design label.

More gifts

More gifts: For the holidays or just because it's fun to give or to get!


Anything else you need to make the perfect cuppa. Experience magic moments with our collection. CUPKES. Fun to give, fun to get!

Fun to give, fun to get!

Java Halimun2

Cupkes. Fun to give, fun to get!

There’s a magical power everyone knows about
It gives us so much energy and pleasure but still…
we forget it regularly.
Do you know what it is?

It’s…doing things for yourself!
Simply doing things, because you like them.
Because they're fun and make you happy.

It can be something as simple as drinking your favourite tea .
In a cup you absolutely adore.
We should all do this more often.

Cupkes. Fun to give, fun to get!

  • Beautiful, elegant and unique female designs
  • High quality products
  • Gift wraps which are fun to unwrap
Imke-20-klein magic

Cupkes. Fun to give, fun to get!

All about tea

Tea from China , India or Japan, blended or aromatised. If you like it, by all means drink it....

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