Crockery & tea
Crockery & tea

Green redbush forest fruit tea

A green redbush tea with blue and red forest fruit


Did you know about it already? About green redbush? We found it, tested it and aproved of it. Because this tea is a very special one. The difference between a normal redbush (rooibos) and green redbush is the flavor. Green redbush has a more grassy and fresher and gives an extra boosty to your cup.
Both kinds are just like any tea. Furthermore rooibos does not contain any theine (cafeine) which makes it a perfect drink for when you're pregnant or for young children. Even better for kids is our Fruity forest friends tea! , een Kekke kids tea, which children find extremely good.
We think this tea is a JEWEL in our collection.

This tea is all NATURAL without any artificial ingredients. In the cultivation NO pesticides are used.

CUPKES. Treat yourself!

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