Crockery & tea
Crockery & tea

Fruity forest friends tea

Kekke kids tea with the friendly flavor of forest fruit


Make new friends, invite them all to come and play and drink tea lemonade made out of this wonderful healthy kids tea, which tastes of the best fruits from te forest.
Ingredients: Redbush, elderberry, blackberry, strawberry, cornflower blue, blackcurrant, redcurrant, natural flavoring.
Fresh and fruity with natural ingredients only!

This tea is made of redbush (rooibos), so it doesn't contain any caffeine. Additionally it contains the best forest fruit, such as blackberries, black- and res currant, elderberries and of course some strawberries to make it even better. This tea is warm already super good, but as an iced tea even better. Just add some ice cubes and you have the best lemonade ever - no sugar needed.

That this tea really is the perfect lemonade proves our Kids Tea Panel. We had this tea tested, warm and cold, and guess what? ALL kids thought this tea was WONDERFUL! Would you like to read about this test? Check our blog!

CUPKES. Een cadeautje voor jezelf en je kinderen!

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