Crockery & tea
Crockery & tea

Ayurveda tea tasting

Tea tasting based on the three dosha’s of the Ayurveda: kapha, pitta and vata


The people working for CUPKES are very down to earth. However, if we come across a tea which has a really good flavor and which is healthy at the same time, we know we have a “winner”! Hence this (medium) tea tasting package, that has a purpose: the restoration of the balance in your body. An important extra is that this tea is SUPER tasty and extremely healthy.

Once the balance in your body is restored you will feel much better.

If your health is slightly deteriorating, than it’s generally the result of a shortage of one or a surplus of another substance in your body. Drinking tea is always a good thing, because it rids your body of the stuff it doesn’t need. Just like water really. Bad substances are taken away and you simply pee them out. The herbs in the Ayurveda teas ensure that the stuff your body lacks are added in a very natural way. The Ayurveda is a very complex theory, with which we are not going to bore you with. Google is full of information.

To get acquainted with the three dosha’s from the ayurveda (Kapha, Pitta en Vata) we have put together a tasting package with which you can try out the different ayurvedic teas. All of these teas are also available as single packages. As fresh as possible, because fresh tea tastes better.

CUPKES. Treat your body!

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