Crockery & tea
Crockery & tea

About Cupkes... only the best and most fragrant tea species and the most beautiful porcelain!

At CUPKES we love BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL things, simple things which make you HAPPY. We adore crockery made of the most beautiful china. We love drinking wonderful tea with friends or with our children and especially the happy moments that come with it!

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Our team

Marijke : founder of Cupkes. Invents and designs de products, illustrates the packages and attends to the planning. Marijke has among other things a background in the catering industry with the emphasis on organic and fair trade, From 2005 until 2014 she has exploited a lunchroom in the center of Eindhoven, which was awarded the "golden apple"for corporate social responsibility.
She is responsible for "creative development", which means she is responsible for design and packaging. Shortly she illustrates wat onder meer inhoudt dat zij verantwoordelijk is voor de product ontwerpen en thee etiketten. Recently she has illustrated some childrens books and she creates her own line of gift wrapping paper.

Thomas: has a HORECA background and is a certified wine sommelier. He not only has a good nose for wine, but also has an amazing taste for specialty teas. Thomas attends to contacts with the catering industry and takes care of the promotion of our special HORECA TEA box.

Anneke: Anneke promotes our tea line by simply making and serving the perfect cuppa tea on markets and events. Everyone who takes a sip of our tea thinks it is amanazingly good. Anneke is a hostess who makes everyone around her happy and when she comes along she is a real asset. In future she will be put to use for the support of our Kids Tea Panel, that tests our Kekke Kids Tea.


We receive a great number of compliments on the photography used on the site. Cupkes makes good use of 3 photographers:

eddie fotograaf EDDIE MOL
Eddie takes photographs in his own manner and uses his own , unique perspective to capture significant moments in life. Because his perspective is similar to ours we always have a "click" and are always happy to make good use of his services. Eddie only needs half a sentence to understand what we want. . Everything Eddie makes for us is "SPOT ON"which makes working with him an absolute pleasure.
Quote : I live my life behind my camera and search for the right moments. I am determined to find them, to recognize and to appreciate them. So you can save them for the future. My goal and passion is to live the moment, to capture the moment and to share this.

Johan has a degree of the Film Academy. Photography is something he does on the side. But, when he receives a commission he is always professional with a creative twist.
We love to accompany Johan because of his vision on urban decay. He sees the beauty where others see filth and garbage. He tries to show this beauty in his photographs.

peter verreussel PETER VERREUSSEL
Peter does our product photography. All photographs of the Swan Lake crockery are of his hand.
Quote: I started with photography at the age of 8. I got my first camera from my father, a simple " agfa clack". Since then the photography virus has traveled with me.

My work stands out by out of the ordinary compositions, sound expertise, the latest techniques and especially lots of dedication. Images are digitally processed by myself. I influence the images in such a way that the photograph expresses the story I want to tell. Influencing takes place on and behind the scenes.

In my spare time I approach the subject in a conceptual manner. Starting usually with my own vision or concept. a creative thinking process, a story I want to telle or a feeling I want to communicate. Subsequently it is a challenge to find the right visual language.

Our Kids Tea Panel

collage panel

Our childrens tea panel consists of 6 girls and 6 boys who think drinking tea is about the best thing there is. Very good! Because tea - and water - is about the best drink you can think of as long as you keep the caffeine level low. All the children in our panel are between the ages of 4 and 8 and can be a member of the panel for a maximum of 2 years. After that other children may have a go. That way we only pick tea that children really like.

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