Crockery & tea
Crockery & tea

Steam waverz love birds

Set of 2 paper art work to use on a cuppa tea. Love birds!


A pack contains 2 reusable Steam Waverz.

Steam Waverz makes every cup of tea or coffee into a playful celebration. Create special moments to share with your friends, or enjoy this elevating little show.

5 different designs

Simple, organic and cute. That's what Steam Waverz are. Originally designed by Angeliek Caelen and made in the Netherlands. There are 5 different designs. Steam waverz are a super surprise and an asset for your party table. Order different designs and your table becomes even more attractive. Give your guests something to talk about!.


Each package consists of 2 Steam Waverz, made out of thin and light paper. They can be re-used. Simply flatten them after you have used them and they are ready for the next performance. Create a wonderful, peaceful moment during your daily tea ritual or make Steam Waverz a gift for someone you like. The product is wrapped in a re-sealable package, so you can open the package, write a personal message on them and close it again.


The brain behind Steam Waverz is Angeliek Caelen. She has studied art painting, drawing and hand craft. Angeliek wanted to thank someone in a special way, which resulted in the development of Steam Waverz and its unique steam technique.

CUPKES was immediately enchanted by these designs. Fun to give and fun to get !

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