Crockery & tea
Crockery & tea

Everything about the teaplant, producing countries, tea categories, harvest, history and more TIPS

What is tea

We only speak of tea when we talk about the watery extraction of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis, better known as the Chinese tea plant. All other tealike beverages are infusions, like herbal infusions or rosebud or lime-tree extractions.

Where does tea come from?

Most of the tea comes from China, where the plant itself originates from. Other tea producing countries are Japan, India, Russia, Turkey, Marocco and they even grow tea in Africa, South America and Korea!


A blend is a mixture of tea and is especially popular in England. The Chinese buy their blends in Europe, because China itself doesn't produce blends. Some blends are a mixture of teas from different countries, special aroma's are added to make the tea even more fragrant. Well-known blends are English breakfast and Earl Grey. Well-known aromatised tea is the Jasmin or Lapsang Souchong, but again also the Earl Grey.
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